What a wonderful gift for you AND the earth! Thousands of trees growing in tree nurseries in El Salvador, Guatemala, and the United States are eagerly awaiting the good news that they will be planted and grow to provide shade, fruit, oxygen and inspiration to animals, people, a community and the world.

We are proud to guide you through our tree nurseries, introduce you to tree planters, and tell you more about the trees that are being planted. We hope these pictures and maps will help you understand, appreciate and connect with this special opportunity to plant a tree.

"Nature is full of genius, full of divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand." -Henry David Thoreau
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your true nature collaborates with two organizations to plant your tree.
Trees,Water,& People
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Each Shade, Flowering or Fruit tree is hand planted with care by members of surrounding communities in El Salvador and Guatemala or volunteers on work tours by Trees, Water & People (TWP). Located in Colorado, TWP is an audited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization insuring the quality of the trees and planting. Their project was featured on the National Geographic Channel for its quality and highly innovative approach to reforestation and introduction of fuel efficient stoves in local communities. This project offers the best combination of ideal growing conditions, creation of jobs for local communities, capability of planting a wide variety of beautiful trees, price, aftercare and protection of the trees from future harvesting. Over one million trees have been planted and successfully cared for in this project.

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A special 18"–24" Shade, Flowering, Fruit or Evergreen tree group will be planted for you. From within each group below we will select your specific tree variety according to soil conditions, species diversity, moisture for a particular year, trees needed, and what is available in the tree nursery. When properly selected your tree will thrive and grow for many years. Each tree starts from a seed and grows to just under two feet before “graduating!”
Bountiful Fruit Trees
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Evergreen Trees
Yellow Elder
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Madre De Cacao
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WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?It may be a few months or more before your tree is planted. It all depends on which month the purchase has been made, optimal planting conditions, where the trees are being planted and available projects.

Each tree is hand planted with care by members of surrounding communities. Sometimes whole families work together. Grass is cleared away to give your tree “breathing room” and your tree is planted. The earth is patted down around the base of the tree and it is given a good drink of water to settle the soil around the roots. Trees are also watered by rain and send their roots down for nourishing minerals and stability. Each tree will take a year or so of “settling in” before it starts to put on amazing growth.

Imagine your tree or trees growing in the warm sun, nurtured by rain and bringing shade, oxygen, fruit, color, and homes for birds or animals, to make this a better world for all of us. And to know that your special tree is growing next to someone else’s special tree and together a forest is being created. We treat each tree with care. Our special gift to you and the Earth.