Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replant & Regenerate!
Your True Nature takes its own Advice from a Tree and continues to lead
the way with environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

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part 2 pic 1Exclusive use of high-content post-consumer
waste recycled paper in our products and offices.
part 2 pic 2For each 217 lbs of recycled paper we use, we plant 10 tree seedlings through the award-winning organization Trees, Water and People. Once in awhile, despite our best efforts, the paper that's available to us has non-recycled content. When that happens, we plant 20 trees to replace what we use.
part 2 pic 3Your True Nature reuses all boxes and packing materials received in our offices and warehouse. We ship outgoing orders to customers with eco-labels encouraging further reuse or recycling of the packing.
part 2 pic 4We offer a selection of carbon positive products. These gifts bring more benefit to the earth than the resources they use. TreeGreetings! A beautiful ecard is sent. A tree is planted. No paper is used in the entire purchase, accounting, and distribution of this unique product.
part 2 pic 5From our entire business operations we recycle all paper, paperboard, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, and cds. We dispose of only one ten gallon sized container of trash each month.
part 2 pic 6We work closely with Climate Wise, a voluntary, city-run program that is dedicated to helping local businesses and the environment. Though environmental assessments and creative solutions, the City of Fort Collins Climate Wise Team helps member businesses tackle issues such as energy usage, waste disposal, recycling, and other challenges.
part 2 pic 7We are proud to say that all of our products are Made in the USA (with the exception of our t-shirts and mugs which are printed in the USA).
Giving Back
1% For the planet
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part 3 pic 1We contribute 1% or more of our sales to One Percent for the Planet and
have contributed over $60,000 to organizations that are making a difference
in education and protection of natural treasures and enviornments.
Look for this icon for products that plant trees
Over 100,000 trees have been replanted through the organization 100% Replanted.
Learn more about the 6 ways you can plant a tree.
Planting Trees
Native shade, fruit, flowering and evergreen trees are planted through well-known
non-profits in the US and Central America. Meet our non-profit partners, see a photo
gallery of the tree planting, explore a map, and learn more about the trees below.

Get to know our whole family with our Tree Planting Tour
"When you plant a tree you grow a friend, a friend you'll have for life!" Sheldon Sands