We receive many requests by individuals and organizations to quote or reprint Your True Nature properties in books, brochures, invitations, signs, websites, newsletters, wall murals, blogs, etc.  Often we will grant written permission for their use in your printed materials or projects.  We require that you include our contact information, adhere to certain quality guidelines and send us a sample of the completed item.  Once we receive your request we will respond within 3 to 5 days with all the details you need.  Please remember you will need written permission before proceeding.

If this is a for profit interest where the use is mainly for products for resale, please see the Prospective Licensing page.



Please tell us which specific advice, website or items you are requesting permission to quote, and on what materials. Include sufficient information for us to fully understand your request:

To expedite the process we suggest you also fax a sketch to 1.303.479.8100 or email to leaf@yourtruenature.com.  

We appreciate your help in bringing these positive and hopeful messages to others!