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 You knock me out! First time I thought to find your website, brought here by wondrous serendipity. I'm 67 years young. And you and your wisdoms fascinate this old child beyond joy! Found you first on shirts or such things at Acadia National Park many years ago and have followed and laughed and shared your wisdoms often, in many ways, with family and friends alike. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US ALL SEE BETTER. It's not an eye thing; it's a heart thing, a soul thing, a mindFUL thing. And you set me straight from the very beginning. The website is a gas! And I can't wait to tell my daughter, a teacher (Teacher of the Year 2016) in an urban school in NJ and my daughter-in-law, a Supt of Schools in MA about it. Loving it all, exploring it in awe & wonder. - Ellen

I heard about you at a clinic that treats eating disorders. They had the Advice from a Tree poster framed in the office. I love your products and will certainly purchase more in the near future. This poster will be framed and sit in my family room. – Plenty, Victoria, Australia

I love your products! I could order nearly every T-shirt. These will be used as Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I saw your t-shirts in a gift store at Kings Mountain Battleground, in N.C., thought them to be really cool and got the web site from one of the T-shirts. – Gastonia, NC

I was staying at a cabin with a friend in Rangeley, Maine recently ad came across these wonderful T- shirts in a shop there. The cabin is on Rangeley Lake with just a wood stove to keep us warm, no running water or electricity! Being surrounded by the beauty of nature was so inspiring and these T-shirts have helped to keep that spirit alive! - West Warwick, RI

I have purchased some of your t-shirts at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, WI, and like them very much. People always want to read them, and it gives me the opportunity to spread appreciation for our beautiful world. – Verona, WI

I bought a t-shirt at Crater Lake, OR a year ago and just love it. I decided postcards as nice as yours can be framed for holiday gifts for my family this year! – Corvallis, OR




I just bought a new house (a very nice log home) and the previous owner had some of your prints hanging on his wall. I was inspired by reading all the Advice from Nature, specially the bear and tree. The owner was so kind to find out your web page and forwarded to me. I’ll frame some of the cards and hang them in my new home and also I purchased a gift for my boss and I guess I will continue to order some other items. By the way, the previous owner got his prints from a small gallery in Alaska it might be Sitka gallery, but he wasn't sure. I think it is a great idea to create this page, especially the planting trees part. I really appreciate your work. Thanks and have a great day - Sherwood PARK, AB, Canada


Many years ago I had the privilege to meet Ilan Shamir and he told me about this idea. Before that, I realized I focused too much on the negative. I am currently working for a Head Start program and feel that this little book of wisdom would improve morale and change some outlooks on life! Each member of our staff will receive a booklet in the hopes that these little bits of wisdom will put a smile on a face and change some outlooks! Thank You! – Brush, CO


I bought several postcards at a store in Estes Park CO-I’ve framed them and given them to friends for BD gifts. They have loved them so much I want to do more! Great sayings and words of wisdom! – Snellville, GA

Our national wildlife refuge (Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge) does carry the advice from nature line. It is wonderful. These products are often gifts for volunteers with Project WET, Project WILD & Project Learning Tree in Oklahoma. I got one t-shirt from a Oklahoma Dept Wildlife Conservation employee for volunteering at a state wetland area! How appropriate. Thanks for a great line. And such beautiful thoughts to include in education-they grab the listener & cause them to really identify with whatever lesson we are trying to do. – Lawton, OK

A close friend gave me "Advice from a Tree" last year. This, "Advice from the Night Sky" will go to my granddaughter, who loves to look at the night sky with me. – Wadesboro, NC